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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Of all the things you can do you for the health of your eyes, nothing is more important than a comprehensive eye exam. Besides helping you maintain the best possible vision, eye exams can help detect and treat a number of eye ailments before they turn into something much more serious. They can even alert you to general health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. That’s why we strongly encourage you to keep up with a regular schedule of eye exams, especially if your family has a history of eye disorders or other health problems. We’ll also send you periodic reminders so that you can stay on a regular schedule of eye exams.

For companies, the screening will take place on your premises. The Vision Screening Team will require a room or covered area in which to set up two tables with the equipment, as well as a three pin power supply. This room must be free of excessive noise, dust or sunlight.

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Contact Lens Examination and Fittings

Contact lens come in a wide variety of materials and styles, including rigid gas permeable, soft (daily and disposable) lenses. Each type has advantages and disadvantages that our optometrist can discuss with you. He or she will also advise you so that the proper selection of lenses is made.

When you wear contact lenses, there is a need for regular monitoring of the health of your eye. Through periodic monitoring of the health of the eye, possibly dangerous conditions can be detected and appropriate measures taken. With proper care, contact lens wear can be an enjoyable and attractive option for providing vision correction.

Diabetic Eye Screening

Individuals with diabetes have an elevated risk of developing many conditions of the eye that can lead to BLINDNESS. Specialized diagnostic testing is your best defence against permanent diabetes related BLINDNESS.



At Value Optical, you can now get Diabetic Eye Screening at four of our branches – Port of Spain, San Fernando, Mid Centre Mall and Princes Town.


Optical Frame Dispensary

Value Optical’s dispensary stocks a wide range of brand name and designer frames. Each branch carries over 600 frames so there are lots to choose from. Dedicated opticians will help you choose the best lens for your needs. We cater to everyone including those who want to take advantage of the latest lens technology and who want to look good in the latest styles. Our opticians and optical assistants are always willing to help you with any eye care questions you may have.

Optical Laboratory Services

Optex Laboratories is a fully owned subsidiary of Value Optical Limited and is responsible for lens processing and spectacle repairs for patients. Opened in March of 1997, it operates with state of the art equipment and uses only first quality lenses to manufacture precise lens prescriptions. All finished jobs from Optex Laboratories are quality assured through strict adherence to the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. Additionally, all jobs are inspected by quality control staff before being released for delivery.


Vision Screenings

Value Optical conducts free Vision Screening throughout Trinidad. This is a preliminary test to determine an individual’s ability to see objects and interpret what is being seen. For persons who wear spectacles or contact lenses, screening can determine how well the lenses are working for them. It must be remembered that Vision Screening is NOT an eye examination; rather it helps to detect possible problems in a person’s vision. The screening does not generate a prescription. In the past, schools and health associations have been the main bodies requesting the service. Recently they have had requests from a number of companies and they have decided to give private institutions the opportunity to have their employee’s eyes screened.

For companies, the screening will take place on your premises. The Vision Screening Team will require a room or covered area in which to set up two tables with the equipment, as well as a three pin power supply. This room must be free of excessive noise, dust or sunlight.

As part of our community service program, Value Optical performs free vision screening for the public.

The Vision screening program is aimed at promoting the habit of good vision care within our population.
Vision Screening is a useful tool in identifying individuals who need appropriate follow up by an eye care professional for diagnosis and management of their eye problems.

Value Optical’s Vision Screening Program includes the tests listed below:

Visual Acuity

  • Tests the sharpness of vision of the eye at varying distances.
  • Near Vision tests the ability to see objects clearly at 16 inches.
  • Far Vision tests the ability to see objects  clearly at 20 feet.

Binocular Vision & Muscle Balance

  • Tests the coordinated use of both eyes.

Colour Perception

  • Ability to distinguish between colors

FREE Vision Screening at your company or organization is available upon request.

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