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Fundus Camera – AFC 330

The AFC-330 delivers unsurpassed ease of use with advanced features that enhance the management of retinal disease, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Available modes include:

  • AutoStereo Pairing – separation and focal adjustments without
    user intervention
  • AutoPanoramic Imaging – seven fields, performed with
    automatic fixation adjustments
  • External Photography – automatic adjustments to device
    settings for optimized results
  • Single 45° – advanced or standard fixation

The speed and simplicity of the AFC-330 results in an enhanced practice flow meaning more accurate data, faster exams, and less need for retakes. The AFC-330 fulfills the goal of elevating the patient’s experience.

  • Rapid processing and automated functions
  • Less time at the device for patients and staff
  • Fewer compromised images
  • Fewer data transcription errors
  • Space-saving design

The AFC-330 improves efficiency in time, space, and patient comfort. The lower flash intensity and sound-dampened mechanical movements, along with automatic blink and pupil measurement, make for the perfect picture every time with fewer retakes and happier patients. It is arguably one of the fastest automatic retinal cameras available with capture time often less than five seconds.

  • Low-light photography mode with reduced flash intensity
  • Quiet operation reduces patient anxiety, squinting, and blinking
  • AutoBlink indicator
  • Small-pupil mode – 3.3mm
  • High-speed image capture

Smart Mirror

The Smart Mirror is an imaging device for virtual try-ons at optical stores that has the potential to change the way dispensing is conducted. The Smart Mirror photographs customers at different angles, allowing them to see themselves in a variety of eyewear styles simultaneously via “virtual” try-ons.

The imaging system also provides multiple views so customers can compare several frame styles, lens selections and coatings, or color contact-lens tint options on one screen.

The system calculates measurements, such as pupillary distance and heights, or segments for multifocals. These images also allow your optician to demonstrate AR coatings, tints and lens thicknesses.

Advanced Optical Coherence Tomographer

This premier OCT system incorporating Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope is designed for comprehensive evaluation of the retina and choroid. The RS-3000 Advance provides exquisite detail of the retinal and choroidal microstructures to assist in clinical diagnosis.

Features include the choroidal mode, which allows detailed evaluation of the choroid. A wide area scan of 9 mm x 9 mm ensures excellent overall coverage of the retinal structures. Microsaccades and other involuntary eye movements are compensated by the Tracing HD function during the macular line scans. This function ensures accurate alignment of up to 120 macular line scan images for enhanced image averaging. The automatic registration function compensates for cyclotorsion during image acquisition enhancing the quality of follow-up data.

High speed scanning of 53,000 A-scans/sec during acquisition with tracing increases accuracy as well as two additional higher sensitivity scanning modes with tracing that may enable imaging through media opacities.and lens thicknesses.