A New Horizon of Visual Clarity is Here!

See Better

Sight is our most valued sense and having the best quality of vision lets us live better. Nova anti-reflective coating minimize the distracting reflections and allow virtually all available light to reach your eyes for clearer, sharper and more comfortable vision.

Reduced Eye Strain

Reflections from other objects such as glare from headlights, streetlights and even rain, have a negative impact on your vision. Nova reduces these distractions for optimum clarity, which in turn keeps you safer while driving , particularly at night*.

*Higher prescriptions see a markedly bigger difference in the reduction of night – time reflections.

Look Better

Lenses with Nova coatings get rid of reflections others see in your glasses. This makes you more noticeable, not your glasses. When you look better, you’ll feel better too!

Lenses are Easier to Clean

Using the most advanced formulas in anti-reflective technology, Nova coatings have smoother surfaces so they repel dirt and grease and are easier to clean. Remember to ask for Nova AR Cleaner and micro-fibre cloth to help you care for your lenses