Value Optical established the Saving Sight Foundation in March 2003. It is a non profit organization formed for the purpose of providing the less fortunate in Trinidad and Tobago with spectacles.

Value Optical partners with corporate bodies and individuals to give the less fortunate the gift of sight through the Saving Sight Foundation. To date they have partnered with bpTT, Atlantic LNG, Baker Hughes, and the Lion’s Club.

Value Optical together with bpTT helped the children of the Mayaro community in March 2003. The Vision Screening Team screened over 1300 students at the six primary and secondary schools in Mayaro. Close to 200 students with vision problems were then fully tested at Value Optical’s Princes Town branch at no cost to their families.

Atlantic LNG partnered with Value Optical in January 2004 for the Gift of Sight program in the Point Fortin district. Close to 4000 children were screened at the 12 schools in the area, with a total of 850 being given comprehensive eye exams at the San Fernando branch. Out of these, more than 700 children received their spectacles.

The Baker Hughes collaboration was a bit different in that no specific area was targeted. Instead, children across the country have been benefiting from this sponsorship. Several schools and orphanages including the Endeavour Hindu School and the Jai Lakshmi Children’s home have benefited from this ongoing project.