As you approach the age of 40, or are already there, chances are that you will begin to experience a normal vision condition called presbyopia.  With the onset of presbyopia it gets more difficult to see clearly for close work and reading material has to be held further away.

Evolution of Visual Performance

Now you can restore close up vision and maintain a wide and clear distance vision with APEX digital lenses.  With Apex you will experience superior optics compared to conventional progressives, have easier adaptation and increased comfort.

Personalization with Extreme Exactitude

APEX PLUS lenses are the latest in advanced progressive design utilizing state of the art simulation technology that calculate the optimum lens power that the wearer needs in every gaze direction. With this design, APEX PLUS lenses give you greater personalization than ever before.

Tailored to Your Visual Requirements

Utilizing Digital Ray-Path technology, APEX PLUS lenses blend prescription, frame and facial data of the wearer to generate a customized lens surface that takes into account the real position of the lens and the natural movements of the human eye.  As a result each point of the lens surface is optimized with superior accuracy for the best possible visual quality and highest level of comfort.


  • Excellent balance between near and far viewing distances
  • Surface power design with digital Rx calculations
  • Improved optics and comfort over conventional lenses
  • Extra wide far visual zone
  • Minimization of oblique astigmatism
  • Personalization to your parameters of wear
  • High performance for all prescription ranges

APEX and APEX PLUS lenses are available with the best anti reflective enhancements and photochromics.  Ask our opticians to help you choose the best options for comfort
and healthy sight.