We are committed to quality eye care!

At Value Optical we believe eye care is about more than a prescription.

We are passionate and provide a higher standard of quality that has made us a leader in the industry.

Our Story

At Value Optical we believe eye care is more than a prescription.

We are passionate and provide a higher standard of quality that has made our company a leader in the industry.

Value Optical Limited was founded in 1994 and operations began in November of that year. The company’s first branch opened at 41 Frederick Street, Port of Spain. It has since expanded operations by opening fourteen additional branches. In March 1995, the company opened a branch in Princes Town, followed in June 1996 by a branch in San Fernando. Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas, was opened in January 2000, Penal in August 2004, Point Fortin in April 2006, Tunapuna in January 2013, Marabella in August 2013, San Juan in November 2013, PriceSmart Plaza, La Romain in July 2014, Sangre Grande in September 2016, Tobago in March of 2018, Lange Park in May of 2019, Couva in December of 2021, MovieTowne, Invaders Bay in July of 2022 and Diego Martin in September of 2023.

The administrative offices of our company are located at 9 Southern Main Road, Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago.

Value Optical employs over one hundred and twenty employees at its retail operations, backend operations, lab operations and management. In our 28 years of operation, Value Optical’s achievements are many; opening fourteen Value Optical branches, the Saving Sight Foundation, and two high-end technological labs servicing all their branches. We also provide Vision Screening to various schools, organizations and businesses across Trinidad and Tobago.

In addition, Value Optical was the first company in the Caribbean to invest in a first-class optical laboratory. Our lab has been compared many a times to those operated in the United States, Europe and Germany to name a few. All our lenses are locally processed to your prescription using freeform technology, and meet all optical standards as set out in the ANSI Standards used by the USA for the ophthalmic industry. Our brands, APEX for Digital lenses and Supernova for Anti-Reflective coating are locally made but internationally recognized. Value Optical has been recognized as one of the top three optical companies in the Americas for marketing Transitions lenses for six consecutive years, 2016 to 2021, having won the Best in Marketing in 2017 and 2019.

We use the latest in lens material that gives you the comfort of vision and the reduced weight of wearing glasses. We have invested in technology that can cut the shape of the lenses you require to the shapes that suits your personality. Glasses manufacturing has become technologically advanced and Value Optical is on par with these advances. 

Advances in technology and examination capabilities has led Value Optical to evolve our range of services. We have added a number of key eye health evaluations including visual field tests, optical coherence tomography, diabetic eye screening using dilations, corneal topography for keratoconus patients and even a dry eye clinic. All of these specialized testing services together with ophthalmological support is available at our San Fernando Diagnostic Eye Health Center.

Optex Laboratories is a fully owned subsidiary of Value Optical Limited and is responsible for lens processing and spectacle repairs for patients. Opened in March of 1997, it operates with state of the art equipment and uses only first quality lenses to manufacture precise lens prescriptions. All finished jobs from Optex Laboratories are quality assured through strict adherence to the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. Additionally, all jobs are inspected by quality control staff before being released for delivery. Learn more.

Beyond the boundaries of our stores, Value Optical continues to provide vision benefits to people throughout Trinidad & Tobago. Value Optical’s Vision Screening Unit is a dedicated team that provides vision screening service to various organizations. These include large manufacturing organizations to mobile health clinics in rural districts to primary and secondary schools. Value Optical’s vision screening unit provides preliminary tests in areas of visual acuity, colour perception and muscle balance. This is a free service and forms part of Value Optical’s dedication to serve the community.

The Saving Sight Foundation was established in March 2003.

It is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of providing the less fortunate in Trinidad & Tobago with spectacles. Value Optical partners with corporate bodies to give the less fortunate the gift of sight. To date Value Optical has partnered with bpTT, Atlantic LNG, Baker Hughes, and the Lion’s Club.

Value Optical together with bpTT helped the children of the Mayaro community in March 2003. The Vision Screening Team screened over 1300 students at the six primary and secondary schools in Mayaro. Close to 200 students with vision problems were then fully tested at Value Optical’s Princes Town branch at no cost to their families. Learn More.

Atlantic LNG partnered with Value Optical in January 2004 for the Gift of Sight program in the Point Fortin district. Close to 4000 children were screened at the 12 schools in the area, with a total of 850 being given comprehensive eye exams at the San Fernando branch. Out of these, more than 700 children received their spectacles. The Baker Hughes collaboration was a bit different in that no specific area was targeted. Instead, children across the country have been benefiting from this sponsorship. Several schools and orphanages including the Endeavour Hindu School and the Jai Lakshmi Children’s home have benefited from this ongoing project.